Weekly Update | 3/18/20


Since I have taken my first courses in Mandarin Chinese, I had not learned anything in-depth about the ideograms in that language, rather the ones in Latin spelling. In that case, I took it upon myself to go through a Chinese character text by McNaughton and Li. It was not perfect, but I managed to write out my Chinese name.


I would want to start this blog off by discussing the basic building blocks of the language. One of those types is the number system. Mandarin has a very simple way of organizing its numbers, though it does have measure words for (any particular thing, such as a person or an object). For example, ben is used to refer to “measure word for book.” As in the sentence: Ni you ji ben shu? (How many books do you have?) I will need to get used to the measure words for particular categories.


So far, the only way that I can distinguish between different tones is by focusing on how my chest either rises, falls, or remains stagnant. With the rising tone, my chest rises; with the flat tones, it stays the same; with the falling tone, my chest falls as I exhale. I’m not even going to attempt to type these types of logograms–or even the tones–unless I got a full grasp on them.

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